JAN ENTERPRISES’ flexible staffing services are designed to fit your business needs. Should your company experience the cyclical ups and downs of your business, JAN ENTERPRISES can help you effectively manage your contract employees by quickly increasing or downsizing your workforce. We provide support to fulfill your long term business goals or supplement your hiring for project-based or temporary staffing needs.
As your contract workforce grows, JAN ENTERPRISES’ staffing services can provide an added level of support through our managed service provider (MSP) program. When working with JAN ENTERPRISES, you will see an increased level of visibility over your contract workforce, including independent and 1099 contractors. From contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement, we offer placement options that will deliver the right solution.
How does JAN ENTERPRISES distinguish our staffing services from competitors? It’s the value we provide to our customers time and time again. From the strong relationships we develop to the successful staffing programs we’ve implemented, JAN ENTERPRISES continually strives to provide best in class staffing services.

As a leading staffing firm, JAN ENTERPRISES ensures your company receives the highest quality staffing services through JAN ENTERPRISES’ Perfect Fit Program. This program details the process we use to locate the right candidate for your company, giving you the assurance that our candidate is the perfect fit.
An added benefit of working with JAN ENTERPRISES is our professional recruiters who have the knowledge and expertise to understand your specific industry. Speaking your language – from regulations to requirements to the intricacies of your industry – helps JAN ENTERPRISES staff the right employee the first time. We start by understanding who you are and the attributes that your ideal candidate should possess. We then use the combined strengths and knowledge of our local recruiters to identify, screen and select the right person. We put a timeline in place to ensure our staffing services are delivered to meet your business needs, with the level of quality you deserve.
At JAN ENTERPRISES, we go beyond the initial steps of recruiting and staffing to prepare contract employees for success. Dependent upon your unique needs, our behavioral-based safety program is intended to facilitate an injury-free workplace. JAN ENTERPRISES takes a proactive approach to ensure that our contract employees are able to perform each requirement of their position under safe conditions. Our regular follow-up and personal contact with our contract employees helps keep them satisfied in their position, and creates the additional value our customers look for in JAN ENTERPRISES’ staffing services.

Services We Offer

Accounts & Administrative Staff:
• Chartered Accountant
• Administrative Manager
• Accounts Assistant
• Book keeper
• Clerks
• Computer Operator
• Junior Accountant
• Marketing Manager
• Project Accountant
• Secretaries
• Time Keeper

• Electrical Technician
• Soil and Fertilizer Technician
• HVLV Electrical Technician
• HVAC Technician
• AC and Refrigerator Technician
• Elevator Technician
• Electronics Technician
• Mechanical Technician
• Boiler Technician
• Communication Technician
• Pump Technician
• Diesel Mechanic
• Petrol Mechanic
• Hydraulic Mechanic
• Auto Car and Vehicle Technician
• Swimming Pool Technician
• Generator Mechanic
• Electrician Plumber, Mason
• Decorator
• Carpenter
• Aluminum Fabricator

IT Professionals:
• Auto Cad Professionals
• C/C++, Java Programmers
• Support Engineer
• Database Programmers
• Hardware Engineers
• Hardware Software Upgrade
• Software Developer
• Web Developer
• Network Engineer
• SQL server Programmers
• Oracle Programmers
• Software Engineers

Office Staff:
• Receptionist
• Stenographer
• Clerk
• Telex Operator
• Store Keeper
• Computer Programmer
• Office Boy
• Time Keeper
• Security Guard

Engineering Staff:
• Aerospace Engineer
• Mechanical Engineer
• Chemical Engineer
• Metallurgical Engineer
• Industrial Engineer
• Production Engineer
• Quality Control Engineer
• Civil Engineer
• Electrical Engineer
• Elevator Engineer
• Biomedical Engineer
• Water Treatment Engineer
• Agricultural Engineer
• Electronics Engineer
• HVAC Engineer
• Foreman
• Drafts Man

Medical & Hospital:
• General surgeon (surgical Specialist)
• Orthopedic surgeon (bone Specialist)
• ENT specialist (Ear, Nose, and Throat)
• Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist)
• Pediatricians (Child Specialist)
• Dermatologist (Skin disease Specialist)
• Radiologist (For X-Rays)
• Pathologist (For Laboratory Tests)
• Physician (General Practitioner)
• Matron (Senior Nurse)
• Nurses
• Laboratory Technicians
• X-Ray Technicians
• Dietician
• Ward Boys
• Ambulance Driver

Heavy Equipment Operator:
• Bulldozer Operator
• Grader Operator
• Scrapers Operator
• Rippers Operator
• Excavators Operator
• Loaders Operator
• Shovel Operator
• Trailer Driver
• Tractor Driver
• Forklift Operator
• Drilling Machine operator
• Heavy Truck Driver
• Light Motor Vehicle Driver
• Crane Operator